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May 4, 2022

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I talks with Dr. Sarah Wider, Dr. Giulia Pellizzato, and Valentina Frasisti about how they have been fostering creativity during the pandemic. They also reflect on their experiences engaging in dialogue with others and the natural world as well as the power of making connections. Dr. Wider is Professor of English and Women's Studies at Colgate University. Dr. Pellizzato earned her PhD in Italian Language, Literature and Culture from Università della Svizzera italiana and is now an Associate Researcher at Harvard. She also serves on the Center’s Youth Steering Committee. Valentina is currently a PhD student in Romance Languages and Literature at Harvard. 


Cheat Sheet:

7:01 Sarah, Giulia, and Valentina team up for a special project

15:44 An excerpt from Daisaku Ikeda’s essay “The Flowering of Creative Life Force”

17:15 On living a creative life

29:35 How to live true to ourselves

41:10 Dialogue stories  

52:20 A piece of advice for navigating these times 


Music attribution:

“The Falls”, "Kitten", “Space”, Peas Corps”

Podington Bear 

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