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Aug 23, 2022

This month, we are joined by Dr. Melissa Bradford who is a Professional Lecturer in the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum at DePaul University. She teaches educational leadership, research methods, and value-creating education and directs the Internship Program for Principal, Superintendent, General and Higher Education Leadership Preparation. In 2008, she founded Tallgrass Sudbury School in Riverside, IL and currently serves as the president of its board of directors. Melissa was also a past fellow in the Ikeda Center’s Education Fellows Program. In this episode, host Lillian I talks with Melissa about her personal journey with dialogue; insights from her research on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophical perspectives and practice of value-creative dialogue; what it means to have a dialogic disposition; the importance of dialogue today, and much more. 


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“The Falls”, "Kitten", Peas Corps”

Podington Bear 


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