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Jul 30, 2021

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center Youth Committee member Nandini Choudhury about her experience participating in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. In their recent conversation, Nandini reflects on what she learned about dialogue through participating in the project, how it impacted her life at the time, and how she continues  to practice dialogue in her daily life. 

Key points on dialogue in this episode:

1) Asking personal, deeper questions allows us to create intimacy with the other person. 

2) We all have something to offer and to learn when in dialogue with others. 

3) Through dialogue, we can know ourselves and others more deeply, which helps us  grow and transform our own tendencies.

4) Having the courage to be vulnerable with others allows us to create safe and brave spaces for dialogue.

Music attribution:
"Peace Settings", "Kitten", "Lake Victoria", Peas Corps".
Podington Bear 

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