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Nov 10, 2021

In this special episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center’s recently appointed Executive Director Kevin Maher about the Center’s work and mission; memorable moments from his 19 years at the Center; how dialogue has played a role in his life; and much more. Listen to the end to hear one of Kevin’s favorite quotes from Center founder Daisaku Ikeda! 


Cheat Sheet:

4:45 Kevin’s experience working for the Center shortly after 9/11

9:32 The mission of the Ikeda Center

13:10 The role dialogue has played in Kevin’s life

20:48 Memories with the late Dr. Vincent Harding  

33:25 Kevin’s vision towards the 30th anniversary of the Center

37:10 Kevin’s advice to young people who are working for peace

42:45 Kevin’s favorite quote from center founder Daisaku Ikeda


Music attribution:

"Peace Settings", "Kitten", Peas Corps”, “The Falls”

Podington Bear 


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