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Dec 21, 2021

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center youth committee members Ana Pediet and Isaiah Moon about their experiences attending the Center’s Dialogue Nights event series, which launched in 2017. As regulars of Dialogue Nights, Ana and Isaiah share memories of their first event, highlights over the years, and how their understanding and practice of dialogue has evolved since first coming to events at the Ikeda Center. 


Key points on dialogue in this episode: 

  • Genuine dialogue is not always about what we say but how we show up for the other person in a fully present and open way. 
  • Bringing forth our courage to reach out to another, whether to a friend or stranger, can actually change someone’s life. 
  • Engaging in dialogue is like going to a pharmacy where you can get some hope vitamins to revitalize your life! 


Music attribution:

"Peace Settings", "Kitten", Peas Corps”

Podington Bear 

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