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Jun 18, 2021

On this first episode, Dialogue Studio host Lillian I kicks off the series with an introduction of the Ikeda Center: its work, mission, and founder Daisaku Ikeda. Lillian then explores Mr. Ikeda’s dialogue philosophy, unpacking what it means for us as a Center and why Mr. Ikeda believes that dialogue is the surest path to peace. 


Cheat Sheet:

00:00 Introduction

1:20 Ikeda Center background and founder Daisaku Ikeda

4:10 The Buddhist emphasis on Dialogue 

5:59 What does dialogue mean for Daisaku Ikeda?

6:42 Shakyamuni Buddha and the “invisible arrow” 

10:40 Episode summary

11:40 Episode conclusion: how to contact the Ikeda Center and details on future episodes 


Resources: Mahayana Buddhism and Twenty-first Century Civilization (Harvard University, 1993)

Music attribution: "Peace Settings", "Kitten", "Golden Hour", Peas Corps"., Podington Bear,