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Jan 28, 2022

Happy 2022! In this first episode of the new year, host Lillian I speaks with two members of the Center’s youth steering committee Anna Lane and Jason Henriksen. They share their perspectives on how dialogue can help us navigate the many challenges we are currently facing. Tune in to hear their favorite quotes on dialogue, tips for engaging with others during the pandemic, and their personal experiences with dialogue!  


Some helpful takeaways for dialogue in 2022:

  • Dialogue takes practice so though it might not come naturally to us, by doing it over and over again we become more comfortable with it and also grow as individuals.
  • We can feel a sense of appreciation if we focus on the connections we’ve been able to make during this pandemic.
  • The transformative power of dialogue can be experienced in our daily interactions with others. Try reaching out to a colleague or friend and open up a little more than you usually would or ask a question you’ve been wanting to ask them. These small engagements can actually be life-changing!  


Music attribution:

“The Falls”, "Kitten", “Space”, Peas Corps”

Podington Bear 


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